Sunday, May 19, 2013

Living at Slab City ( AKA SLOB CITY ) California

Got out of that Godforsaken Dump Eugene Oregon approx. 3 months ago and settled down here in the desert of southern California to save money for a new rig ....
A month ago we found a very nice 24 foot travel trailer ( in great shape in and out ) and are making payments on it....hopefully in a few more months we'll have it paid off and move into it.
The two pictures are of a little non-running motorhome we're renting here at Slab City and a picture of a very pretty Palo Verde tree near us....
When I'm not so beat-down dogged tired - I'll upload some more pictures of Slab City.


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― Isaac Asimov

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here are two more pictures of our Arts & Crafts and a few of the flatbed deck I'm building on our 'New" old Truck we bought
Here are a few pictures of our Booth at Eugene Saturday Market ... Millie makes all the beautiful jewelry and I do the Graphic arts

Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy Working on our Arts & Crafts

The Weather has been mostly awful here in Gawd-Awful Eugene Oregon so we're busy working on our Arts & Crafts for next Saturday Market....
Having Computer issues with my main graphics computer in our trailer - so for 2 days now I've been working hard at saving everything to external drives & DVD's in hopes I don't lose anything.
After I get that done I'll have to debug and reformat the thing ... not looking forward to that or the days it will take to reload the graphics and such programs either .... Michael